Thursday, July 16, 2009

While Miss M is Away, Mommy and Mister J Will Play!

Well, actually, Miss M hasn't really gone anywhere...
...but she is at camp this week, and she's having a blast! While she's there, Mister J and I are having our own brand of fun. Keep coming back to the post, because I'll be updating it throughout the week.

Fun Day Monday was rained out, but we had fun anyway! We went to a friend's house to pick up my co-op fruit and veggies, and she invited us to stay for a while. Mister J really enjoyed spending some time with her sons, and I enjoyed the time to visit and plan some activities for later in the week.

On Tuesday, the plan was to get messy with paper mache. We headed to our church to help make some decorations for VBS. Well, Mister J had more fun playing with the dry strips of newspaper than the wet ones, so I was the only one who really got messy. No matter, he still had fun! (No photos because I was, well, messy!)

Wednesday was Movie Day! You just can't beat the $3 kids movie program in the summer!
We saw Babe, which was new to both of us. Cute movie! We saw friends there again this week. I think the movie is becoming a more popular option now that the weather is starting to heat up a bit.

On Thursday morning, we went blueberry-picking! It was lots of fun, I have lots of pictures (maybe enough for a separate post), and we have LOTS of blueberries! We picked a gallon in about and hour and a half. The weather was overcast, a little muggy, but not too hot. We got done just in time - it started sprinkling as we were leaving the farm!

Tomorrow is Miss M's last day of camp. She's had so much fun with the other kids in her class - several that she already knew (church, preschool, folks that used to be our neighbors) and some new friends, too. I especially love hearing her sing the songs she's learning!

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Heather said...

Looks like fun Mister J. I like Babe too. Can't wait to see/hear more!