Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas Ideas!

OK, I know it's not even Halloween, so I hate to post anything holiday-related, but I want to start sharing some great ideas with you. I know I've got some readers who are moms, some who like to cook, maybe some who are technology/gadget folks, and perhaps some who are interested in fitness. My ideas (at least so far) fall into these categories. Check them out! (I've included links where possible.)

Aveda Hand Relief Cream - such a yummy fragrance (and I don't usually like smelly creams), plus it's nice and thick, which does great things for my dry-and-cracked-before-the-end-of-October hands.

My Lunch Box recipe box - You just might have to love packing lunches for this one - or maybe it'll inspire you and you will come to love packing lunches!

PropUp - I saw this over on Ree's blog, and I think it's a pretty cool, useful gadget. I'm not a big fan of the iPad yet (I think I just heard several of you gasp - sorry!), in part because I have to hold it up with one hand to use it, so it's not as convenient as I would like. I use it primarily in landscape orientation, so I think this would improve my iPad experience.


Feetures (Original No Show with Tab) or Balega (Lady Enduro Medium) technical socks.
Technical (Mesh) Running Cap
Headband or skull cap with ponytail pass-through - trying to find a way to keep my ears warm! 
Long sleeve technical t-shirt - there are so many pretty colors out there!  I've got a fitted base layer, but I'd also like to try out a semi-fitted tee for running in cool-but-not-cold weather. 

I would LOVE to get the registration fee for a New Year's Eve 5K (hint, hint, honey!)

Monkey Hooper hula hoop - If you follow my twitter updates, you know that I tried out a hoopdio class (hula hoop + cardio) last week. Even though I am not great at it (as in, I could sort of hula hoop and was not able to add in the cardio at all), I still think hula hooping on it's own is fun! And it's also great exercise!  I'm particularly fond of the Candy Stripe hoop.

How could I forget that I need a category for camping gear? I know we needs some pots and pans and a means for cooking, but I haven't shopped around to figure out exactly what I want yet. Rest assured, there will be some links here!  (OK, so no links yet...)  And then I'll probably ask to go camping again for my birthday ;)  Also, we need a hatchet, some looong-handled cooking utenstils, and perhaps a good camp knife, too.

I think a 2-gallon jug would work nicely for our cooking (and water bottle refill) needs - size-wize and weight-when-full-wise - so here's what I'm looking at this jug from Coleman.

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