Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Good Stuff Guide

Hi Friends!

If you aren't already reading The Good Stuff Guide, well, you need to add it to your reader.  Heidi's blog is fantastic! She has a regularly-scheduled peek into some gorgeous homes on Home Tour Fridays, has a series of posts on Great Books for Kids, and offers great gift ideas, tips for parents, suggestions for mini-vacations, and more.  And I can't forget the generous giveaways!

Right now, she's asking for help as she works on a post about mini-vans.  She's asking moms (or dads!) to complete a short survey; I just emailed my answers.  It's quick and easy - see?  Here are her questions and my answers:

1) Your Minivan Make and Model Year (just so we know what style): 2004 Honda Odyssey

2) My favorite feature is: The space!  The power doors!  The DVD player for long trips!  (I could go on...)

3) I really wish...: We had gotten leather seats, and that the rear door had a power option (that came in 2005, I think)

4) Would you repurchase the same model?  Hmmm...  While I love it, and I'll drive it until the day it can't go any more, I don't think so.  We aren't planning to expand our family, so I *think* we might go SUV next.

5) Which make/model is your dream?  Honestly, the one I have.  There are lots of bells and whistles on the newer Odysseys (have you seen the newest one?  W.O.W.), but according to Consumer Reports and to our friends with newer model years, the 2004 is really the most solid one out there.  We weren't really impressed with the others back when we were looking for ours, so they aren't on my radar.  And, since my plan is to drive mine for about 10 years (which is shocking to most folks), I still have a few years before I start thinking about it. 

 See, that was easy!  Now, just email with your answers.  Also, she'd love to have a snapshot of your cool wheels, if you happen to have one, and she's particularly interested in folks driving any of these...

Kia minivans
The VW
Toyota Sienna

The Good Stuff Guide is also Facebook and twitter if you prefer to follow that way, instead. 

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