Monday, October 11, 2010

Worst Run Ever, and a Pat on the Back

Part I - Worst Run Ever
I started with three strikes against myself tonight.  I forgot to grab a pre-run snack this afternoon, I forgot to take my water, and I missed warm-up.  I still managed a better time than I expected, but I wasn't at my best.

The interval changed to 3 minutes run, 2 minutes walk tonight - perhaps the reason for my better-than-expected time.  But my lack of warm-up meant that I had to slack off on two (or was it three?) intervals.  It's the first time I've ever NOT stuck with the intervals.  And it wasn't about not having the endurance for the three minute run.  It wasn't about wanting to quit - because I never want to quit anymore!  (I know!  I'm shocked, too.)  It was about my aching hip/leg, and about not wanting to really hurt myself, which would lead to not being able to run.  Although it was frustrating to slack off on those intervals, I'm not beating myself up about it.  I'm listening to my body, just as I should.  I'm in better shape now than I was just a month ago, it feels great, and I don't want to jeopardize the results of all of this hard work.

Part II - Pat on the Back
Did I mention that I run/walked a 5K last Thursday?  I sure did!

I stuck with the intervals for a mile longer than I'd ever gone before, and I made a WAY better time than I expected for adding a whole mile!  I felt like Superwoman when I finished.  A very tired, sweaty version of Superwoman, but pretty much awesome anyway.  So now I know that I CAN DO IT!  From here on out, it's just about increasing my endurance for the run interval.  I'd love to run an entire 5K someday! 

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