Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day Recap

Mister J started 2nd grade today.  So far, he's told me all about having lunch in the cafeteria (kids at our school have lunch in their classrooms through 1st grade), how he has 'green lunch' and how there are five different lunch sessions to choose from.   He also said that he started learning multiplication today, and that this was his favorite part of the day!

Miss M started Kindergarten today.  She told me that she has a new friend named Remmi (who I happen to know is a first-grader).  She learned abut "plus-ing" (addition), and when asked for an example she told us that 7+8=15.  M was also very excited to go on the big kids' playground (the pre-Ks play on a different playground).  Her favorite thing about the playground was the 'twirly slide', and her favorite thing about the day was playing in Home Living during centers.

I'm sure we'll learn more over dinner, and I hope to post some of today's photos, too!


Heather said...

Yay! Sounds like a wonderful first day. :) And how did you do?

RLR said...

I did ok! Breakfast with a friend, trip to Aldi, a little work in the kitchen.... Was a little antsy for the day to end so I could go and pick them up. I was excited to hear about their first day back!