Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy New Year!

Nope, it's not January, but it's the beginning of another school year.  If you're like me, you count years not necessarily by calendar year, but by school year.  And a new school year means a new calendar!  

I'm a little behind this year - I just ordered my new momAgenda.  Since it begins in August, I'll have missed almost the entire first month.  *sigh*  But I'm still excited about getting a brand-new planner!

For the past two years, I've used the momAgenda desktop (first in fuschia, then in turquoise).  I debated a bit this year - kelly green faux crocodile or soft gold?  I've always wanted a green one, but the soft gold looked so, so pretty!  Then, at a Girl Scout meeting tonight, a friend of mine had the Home Office edition in charcoal.  Yes, I looked through her momAgenda - and periodically peeked in it when I thought of other features I wanted to check out.  (She was very tolerant!)  

I'd briefly considered the Home Office edition before, but worried that it would be too big.  Then I realized that since my Desktop never fit in my purse anyway, what was the difference?  The spiral binding, the pockets, and the tabs helped me finalize my decision.  It's always nice to see and hold something that personal before you buy it, I think!  

There was just one more important decision - the color!  Hot pink, turquoise, zebra, or charcoal?  Hmmmm...

I chose zebra!  Yep, surprised me, too!  

Ok, so here's where I tell you that if you want your own momAgenda, you can click here and - if you are a first time customer - you get 10% off of your order (of $15 or more) and I also get a little credit in the form of momAgenda dollars (to help me support my momAgenda habit).  

What kind of calendar do you use?  Pen-and-paper?  Electronic?  Do you have one calendar for yourself and one for the family?  How do you keep yourself organized?

PS - You are welcome to take a peek at my momAgenda anytime!

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Heather said...

zebra!? Wow I am surprised. You crack me up. :)