Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I just tweeted, and wanted to share:

"Suddenly I feel oddly unprepared for 1st day of school.  Lunches & supplies packed.  Forms completed.  Backpacks at door.  #crazymama #notears"

We had a good day today.  Miss M had a friend over, and the kids played really well together until that mid-afternoon hour when sleepiness seems to hit for M.  While they played, I got a good bit of work done (mostly sorting through all of the paper that seems to collect on every flat surface in the house).  After we took our friend home, I took Miss M to get her hair trimmed.  Thankfully there was only a 5-minute wait!  Then to St@ples for some last-minute school supply purchases.  The store was packed, and we only managed to get half of our list.  Boo.  (Why we don't have the true supply list until 2 days before school begins is a whole 'nother topic.)  Then to the grocery store for limes, the one missing ingredient for a chicken marinade I need to prep and freeze asap. 

Unfortunately, we had a rushed dinner this evening, but did manage a bit of snuggle time before heading upstairs for baths and bed.  Things kind of went downhill at that point.  M needed a bath, J needed to clean up the rest of his trains, I needed to buzz J's hair, then he also needed a shower.  Then I helped M select her outfit for tomorrow - which went much more smoothly than expected.  Then teeth-brushing and tucking in.  Whew!  I was disappointed that Mister J got to bed much later than I'd hoped.  Mostly due to dragging his feet on the clean-up (even though he knew it was a 'must-do' chore).  By 9:30, I was thinking about climbing into bed myself!

I didn't go to bed that early, but perhaps I should have.  While I was not going to bed, these are the things that popped up on my 'worry list' this evening:

What will I pack for lunch?  (Been doing this for two years now - why am I stressing?)
Did I get all of their supplies packed?  (Um, yes - you've been over the list a few times now...)
Wait - M said she wants me to pack a change of clothes just in case!  (Just needed to put them in a zip-top bag....)
Snacks!  Don't forget to pack snacks, too!  (I've forgotten to pack J's snack a few more times than I'd like to admit, and this is the first time M has needed me to pack a snack, so this is a valid worry.)
Pictures!!!!  Don't forget to take pictures!!!  (Um, duh....)
What will we have for breakfast?  (You'd laugh if you could see how many boxes of cereal are in my pantry.)
 I'm planning to have breakfast with some friends, and then...?  Don't get me wrong, there is plenty on my to-do list - but suddenly I find myself thinking, "The house is going to be sooooo quiet!"  Any other day, I'd be happy to be alone in my house - because that never happens.

Now that we've been together all summer, I think I'm going to miss their sweet faces tomorrow.....

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Heather said...

Awww! You're doing great. I hope all goes well and will be thinking about you guys. So crazy to think M is going to school now!!!