Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I'm Reading

While we are busy packing fun into the last days of summer, I'm also enjoying a bit of time reading. I started "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" (by Barbara Kingsover) a few days ago and I'm already trying to figure out how much of our backyard can be reasonably turned into garden beds. Not too long ago, I mentioned wanting to try out lettuces, potatoes, garlic, and more. I'm less than 100 pages in, and I'm wondering now about fruit trees, berries, and more.

Is it to late to decide to live on a farm?

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Joy: said...

Some friends here have turned their backyard into a mini-farm and they live in the city! They have some fruit trees, caged chickens, a beautiful garden that produces Fall and Spring and even a Greenhouse for the Winter months. It consumes all of her time. Every second.

Jane Anne said...

Oh, I can't wait to see your garden!

Heather said...

Ohh that book might be dangerous for me. We've got lots of people in our nearby community who raise chickens. And we're thinking about doing a community garden as a church. I hear my calling!

Shannon said...

I have wanted to do a garden in a chunk of my backyard, but have avoided it the past few years that the house has been on the market. If I still haven't sold it by next spring - gah!! - then I might just do it anyway and plant a lot of veggies and more flower beds too. It sure would save money on lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers in my house! If you start that project you will have to take lots of pics and keep us updated on the progress!

Liz said...

very cool that you have enough of a yard to have a veggie garden! I actually run my town's garden plots. The best thing I ever did was assign my mom one. Now I get to eat the BEST tomatoes in the world!!