Thursday, October 9, 2008

My poor, sweet, sleeping girl

One of the 'benefits' of this latest bout with fever is that Miss M has actually napped three out of the last four days. Not official "let-me-tuck-you-in-now" naps, but the "asleep-in-her-tracks" kind of naps. As I was finishing up dinner this evening, I heard the familiar sound of sleep. Not silence, but this:


She's so going to be mad at me one day for posting this. But I just had to share my sweet, sleeping Miss M with you. By the way - other than the fever, she's fine. She's not congested, just noisy.


Hartley said...

This really begs for a comment from Dad, but I gonna leave this one alone.

RLR said...

I didn't know whether it was the genetics from the paternal side, or the maternal grandfather side.... Not making any judgements, I'm just saying the girl gets it from SOMEWHERE....