Friday, October 31, 2008

Glad I took some pictures at the Fall Festivals....

No, my camera isn't broken, but I didn't get many photos tonight.... Mister J ended up sick this evening, and didn't get much trick-or-treating in before he and Big J headed home early. Miss M and I stopped at a few more houses before heading back ourselves. So, not much trick-or-treating equals not many pictures....

On the bright side, Miss M did enjoy herself, and went from whispering 'trick-or-treat' to actually saying it so she could be heard. She was having a great time until the bigger kids started trick-or-treating - they are bigger, faster, and aren't really concerned about respecting personal space.... My little cutie even scored extra candy at some houses just for being the cutest clown on the block :) Here's the best shot I could get of my excited little girl before our excursion -

She opted to not wear the clown "hair", but has been very agreeable about ponytails and hairbows lately (so unusual, and I'm taking advantage while I can). By the way - not only is that my Halloween costume from when I was a kid, that's my pumpkin, too! (Yep, plastic stuff lasts forever!)

The kids have been on Fall Break from preschool since the conclusion of the Fall Festival on Wednesday. I managed to get a few good shots there, too. Here are the kids playing one of the many games - my shots of the inflatable slide didn't turn out so well. Thankfully, there isn't one of me carrying Miss M up to the top, or sliding down - but it sure was fun!

Hope you had a lovely evening - whether that means you got lots of candy or gave lots away. Our 60-ish treat bags were nearly gone when Miss M and I got home! Happy Halloween!

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