Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yep, She's Feeling Better!

Well, you heard the story about the sickness that hit Mister J on Halloween. That 24 hour bug was over, well, in 24 hours. But, Miss M got sick a few days later, which lasted a bit longer and kept me away from blogging. Miss M had croup. That's some yucky stuff, by the way. It's lasted for days - and kept us up at night. The good news is that most of the sickness happened during Fall Break, so the kids didn't miss much school (Miss M only missed one day). Even better, Miss M wanted to cuddle a lot while she was sick - she's not much of a cuddler, so I happily obliged. But the best news is that she's feeling better. How do I know? Let me give you a list - she:
  • Had minimal coughing overnight
  • Woke up happy this morning
  • Sang along with one of her musical toys this evening
  • Shoved Mister J when she got mad at him today
  • Using her best sneaky skills, hid the box of baby wipes under a blanket on the couch and pretended they were lost when I asked her to find them this evening. When were they found? When I leaned back, unsuspecting, onto a very uncomfortable, hard lump.
Yes, life is getting back to normal in our household! I suppose if I had to choose between sick children and sibling "issues" I'd pick .... Hmmm....

Oh, come on, you know I'd pick well children even if they were normal, argumentative siblings! (Have to admit, though, I was in shock when Miss M shoved Mister J today - and I think he was, too!)

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