Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My 100th Post!

Woo hoo! It's my 100th post! To honor this milestone, I tried to write a list of 100 things you might not know about me. I didn't quite make it to 100 - I counted about 65.

Since you guys are a good part of my motivation, I need you to really step up now and help me make it to 100! So, take a gander at my list - let me know what's missing, and I'll answer until I hit 100!

I drive a ... Honda Odyssey (and I love it)
My first car was a ... 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle
The first car I actually bought was a ... Saturn SL2
My fantasy car ... smart fortwo passion coupe (red, of course!)

Food - peanut butter (yes, even though it's off limits in this house)
Colors - red
Crayon - cornflower blue
US City - Austin, TX
International City - London
Holiday - Thanksgiving
Holiday activity - wrapping Christmas gifts
Seasons - Spring, Fall, or Winter
TV Shows - Bones, Burn Notice

Job - Event Planner
Vacation - 2 weeks at Disney World in February

Geocaching (yes, I know you have to go outdoors for that)

Thing I've ever seen - a bathroom that was completely blue (walls, floor, toilet - everything)
Place I've ever blogged from - bathroom floor (don't ask...)

Did you know that I ...?
Took dance lessons for 15+ years when I was growing up
Played the flute
Was in the high school marching band for a year
Passed the AP English exam
Wore braces for 6 years (7th grade through senior year of high school)
Took 3 years of Latin in high school
Met my husband in my freshman year of college
Studied abroad when I was in college
Have a Master's degree in Education (but I'm not a teacher)
Married my husband after I finished grad school
Can drive a 15-passenger bus
Have gained half a shoe size with each pregnancy
Probably wouldn't have a home computer if I didn't have my husband (aka tech support)
Am a Creative Memories consultant in my 'spare' time
Have played handbells at church
Have been married 10 years
Will be getting braces again in January

I am thankful for
My family
My church family
My friends (sometimes these 3 overlap!)
The ability to stay home with my kids and have a flexible part-time job
Reminders that life is precious

I prefer
Bounty paper towels to any other brand
Toilet paper to roll over rather than under
Wrapping paper to gift bags (I see another theme...)
Going barefoot to wearing shoes

Things that I enjoy
Monday nights
Checking the mail (weird, I know)
Laughing children
The soft glow of Christmas lights

I'd like to try my hand at
Running (for general health/fitness)

I dislike
Wearing high heels
Being hot (in the overly warm sense)
Putting the lights on the Christmas tree
Taking the lights off of the Christmas tree

I was older than most people the first time I...
Helped pick out a 'live' Christmas tree (in college)
Went to Disney world (25!)

Places I'd like to visit
Boston, MA
Mount Rushmore
The Grand Canyon
Route 66 (yes, drive it)
New York City (again - for more than a day)
Cape Cod
London (again)


Anonymous said...

You cry when you're happy
You have one dimple
Your foot moves when you sleep
You did not inherit your mothers accounting skills
You are most definitely an adventure eater
Blue always looks good on you
As much as you like to fight it - you're a closet Sci-Fi fan (vampires books beware)
You love the Harry Potter series
You are feisty at times

RLR said...

And I teared up when I read that post... Thanks, sweetie, I love you!