Saturday, November 15, 2008

Party All the Time

Friends, we are entering the season of parties. I'm not just talking about costume parties for Halloween, Thanksgiving meals, and Christmas celebrations. I'm talking about birthday parties, too. We know an entire volleyball team's worth of kids turning five in the next month. Two parties today, one next Saturday, a break for Thanksgiving, then Mister J and two other friends the first weekend in December.

Mister J, who's been under the weather since Wednesday and is recovering from croup (accompanied by night terrors), missed out on today's parties. Our friend E's princess/dress-up party was this morning and our friend M's gymnastics party was this afternoon. As these are both good friends of Mister J, I know he wanted to go, but didn't argue a bit about needing to stay home. Obviously not feeling well, right? Miss M was able to get in on the action, though, and seemed to enjoy both parties. How do I know? Because she completely wore herself out.

When Miss M and I got home from party #2, we were shushed upon entering the front door - Mister J was asleep. So, we found some quiet activities. I was sat down at the kitchen table to read a magazine and Miss M settled in to coloring on the floor (literally, on the floor) and in a coloring book next to me. The next thing I knew, I heard snoring. After telling Big J that he must come and look at Miss M, and after snapping the above photo, we decided to move Miss M's arm to prevent her hand from falling asleep and then tiptoe quietly away. Yes, sportsfans, we left her there. Remember parent self-preservation rule #1? That's right - never wake a sleeping baby. Sooooo - we had two sleeping children at 6pm tonight. What to do? BE. QUIET.

An hour later, Mister J was awake. About 15 minutes after that, Miss M was awake. Parenting rule #1 does not apply to almost-five-year-old big brothers.... She was not happy about being woken up - nor was she pleased with her coloring book pillow. So, we snuggled for a few moments and then it was off to bed for her. Out of the playclothes, into the pjs, and straight to bed. Zzzzzzzzz..... Mister J ended up with some quiet time with Mom, a later-than-normal bedtime, and some special treats even though he missed the parties. I know he'd have preferred to go, but I also know that the rest was good for him. He's getting back to normal. I could see a big difference this evening. He's also ready for it to be Monday so he can go back to preschool. We'll stay home from church tomorrow - give everyone another day of rest and recovery - and hopefully be back to normal this week. Now that calls for some celebration!

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