Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Lunch!

I got to pack another lunch today - yippee! And because Mister J was taking his Laptop Lunch box, Miss M had to have hers, too. In fact, she refused to eat her breakfast once the LLBs were out of the cabinet - so she had a late breakfast out of hers during the parent organization meeting at preschool. It worked out great since it all stays in the box - open to eat, close to go. These are, by far, two of the best purchases I've ever made.

I can't explain why I get so excited about packing the LLBs - well, maybe I can!
  • Because they are just so stinkin' cute, even when they are empty
  • Because when I use them I feel good about doing my part to reduce waste and help the environment
  • Because, since these boxes attract attention (I always get questions about them), I feel even more accountable for packing a healthy lunch
  • Because my kids will eat almost anything I put in them!
So, here they are, my latest lunchtime creations:

Mister J dined on:
Ham and cheese on a whole wheat mini-bagel, cut in half per his preference
Applesauce with a dash of cinnamon
Carrot sticks with hummus
A leftover pack of ranch dressing - he doesn't usually get this since it's off-limits at home due to egg ingredients, so I thought he might enjoy this special treat
A tiny bag of Skittles, left over from Halloween
Silk chocolate soymilk - I usually use the drink bottle that came with the LLB, but had this on hand. I used his bottle to pack and extra drink for myself along with Miss M's lunch (see below).

Since these boxes hold a LOT of food, I packed enough for Miss M and I to share when I packed her LLB. Considering we'd be out and about until 1pm (since Mister J was staying for Lunch Bunch), I knew we'd need something to eat - so why not pack it?

Miss M and I shared:
Applesauce, in the green container - which she ate
Carrot sticks and hummus
Turkey pepperoni and slices of monterey jack cheese
Milton's Multigrain crackers - they are a little large for the blue container. I should have taken it out and just put them in the empty space
Water with a splash of apple juice for her to drink, sweet tea for myself

There were very few leftovers, and Mister J finished his leftovers as an afternoon snack. The kids seemed a little disappointed that I didn't buy the tiny bagged carrots this week, but instead bought whole (organic) carrots and cut them into sticks myself. The savings was huge, and I don't mind the extra cutting and chopping, so it was the logical choice for me. I also feel like it's important for my kids to see all varieties of food - whether it's in the way it looks as it comes from nature or in the manner it's prepared.


Hartley said...

Although I have taste tested hummus it just can't seem to get up enough "guts" to try it.....the word doesn't even sound good. UGGGH!

RLR said...

Think of it as "chickpea dip" - does that help? Have your tried the flavored ones - roasted red pepper is really good! I'm pretty fortunate that the kids will eat healthy stuff like hummus, guacamole, and veggies (carrots, cucumbers, celery). Can't get them to eat meat, but my latest food 'adventure' has been edamame - a huge success! I try to keep a bag or two in the freezer. The kids enjoy shelling them - getting to play with their food and not get in trouble! I like it because they get protein they miss out on when they skip meat (which is often).