Saturday, November 22, 2008

Overheard ... #5

(Also known as the Gross Noise Game)

... in the den this evening while the kids were making gross noises...

Mom: Who taught you that? Because you are never going to see them again....

(gross noises continue)

Mom: Where did you learn that?

Mister J: At the Silliness Store!

(gross noises continue while Mom and Dad stifle their laughter)

I am thankful that I can find the humor in these daily exchanges, but the gross noises are really rather rude (they resemble choking/gagging sounds). I'm trying my best to ignore the kids when they do this, but you can see I wasn't doing very well this evening.... And, since they do it together and laugh with each other, they get positive reinforcement every time it happens! At least they are having fun together and not fighting, right? See - another reason to be thankful for the Gross Noise Game!

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