Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Overheard... #2 and #3

... as we were following Big J to the motorcycle shop:

Mister J: "Mom, why is Daddy wearing that helmet?"
Mommy: "To protect his head."
Mister J: "From the falling nuts?"
(I did give him a more accurate explanation, but it wasn't quite as entertaining as hearing his!)

... as we continued following Big J:

Mister J: "Daddy's motorcycle is so fast..."
Miss M: "I see him! I see him!"
Mister J: "Daddy's motorcycle is so fast - it's amazing!"
Miss M: "Amazing!"

They love watching him ride the motorcycle - which, of course, they only get to see if we are following him to and from the bike shop. I, on the other hand, get totally nervous watching him ride. I know that he's riding responsibly, but I also know that he's much more vulnerable to the carelessness of other drivers when he's on the bike. And now, I've got two more reasons to worry about him - they were strapped snugly in behind me, squealing with excitement as they watched their father's tail lights shining in the early darkness of a fall evening.


Hartley said...

I actually await the day that Joe and I can take a ride, together, on our bikes.
I don't have "crotchrocket" like his, mine is a "cruiser" and not as fast.
Riding, for me, is a form of relaxation, if I'm on quiet, county road.

RLR said...

I think he'd enjoy that. He does like to ride, but his isn't the most comfortable bike for that. I know he'd like to have something more suited for cruising someday.