Saturday, October 11, 2008

Woggle Goggles

Just have to show you a snap of the 'official' Imagination Movers outdoor playtime uniform. This is Mister J's impression of Mover Scott, who wears "wobble goggles" to help him see through things (talk about imagination!). And, since it's a bit of a tongue twister, Miss M calls them "woggle goggles" - which is just too funny.

Mister J and Miss M argued constantly over this pair of goggles until we found our second pair. I bought them from the dollar store, so I hope they make it until next season when I can buy more (or at least until the "special" wears off). And the rain boots, well Mister J wears them everywhere right now. Everywhere. He's about to outgrow them, so we may have to invest in another pair.

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Bob Richardson said...

Hi sweetie...We have these goggles at work that simulate what it is like to be under the influence, and I think I'm going to appropriate the term "Wobble Goggles" to best describe them. That'll work!
Hope to see you soon. Love to "Big J" and the young-uns.