Saturday, January 24, 2009

More on 'Rock' Obama

My kids continue to surprise me with their attention to all things Presidential. This evening, we were watching HBO's We Are One (thank goodness for the DVR, but I also just discovered you can watch it online). As it started, Miss M noticed 'Rock' Obama and got very excited. She and I enjoyed the show quite a lot - she was dancing to the music! Towards the end of the program, when Beyonce was singing, Miss M said, "That's 'Rock' Obama's friend!" Mister J objected, and I asked him why he thought that way. His reply? "Michelle is Barack Obama's friend." Well, alrighty! I explained that Mrs. Obama is President Obama's wife like I am Mr. J's (Daddy's) wife, and that President Obama can also have friends. Every day I find myself having these kinds of conversations that require somewhat detailed explanations. They catch on so fast that pretty soon, the kids are going to be doing the explaining to me!


Beverly said...

Cute story. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jessica said...

I was totally at this concert!