Monday, January 26, 2009


I should have taken pictures, but the house (as usual) is a mess. The kids are out of school today, so we made pancakes this morning. The kids wanted blueberry, and I wanted to try a new recipe for sweet potato pancakes, so we made both. They were yummy - both kinds. The kids ate more than I thought they would, which is just fine by me. Miss M didn't like the sweet potato pancakes (no surprise) and Mister J did (again, no surprise).

The kids were great helpers - pouring and stirring and then getting seated while Mommy cooked. It didn't take too much extra patience on my part - I'm trying to relax and let them participate more, and I guess I'm getting better. It was actually fun. Now back to real life - cleaning up the kitchen, emailing everyone I owe a reply to, and washing some laundry (well, maybe not the laundry....).

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Heather said...

Hey can you come to our house and make pancakes? We LOVE them here!