Tuesday, April 13, 2010

'Cause I've been sneezy...

Oh, yes, pollen season is here - at about 150% of the normal count. I've been stuffy, sneezy, and generally miserable until today. I'm only about 75% better, but considering how bad the pollen has been, I'd say that's pretty good.

I'm working on two guest posts for a local mommy-blog, and also managed a phono-photo on-the-go this afternoon - it's featured here, on Esbee's blog.

Local blog-readers - or those who wish you lived in our pollen-y but beautiful part of the world - Esbee's blog always has some major scoopage on what's going on in our city. Looking to adopt a fur-baby? She's got the 411 on the latest, cutest arrivals at the animal shelter. And then there are the ice cream scoops updates, Etsy favorites, and the contests - I love "And I mean EXACT..."

Speaking of games... If you are a local, another game (that I made up) is "How many degrees of separation are you from Esbee?" She knows everyone. So I'm thinking you are about 3 degrees of separation, at most.

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