Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check out this sale!

Hi Friends!  You all know that I'm crazy about our Laptop Lunch boxes, right?  Of course you do.  Which is you aren't surprised that I'm passing along bento news.  I am excited to let you know that there are some great deals going right now on the discontinued "original" bento systems and bundles from Laptop Lunches.  Yes, discontinued, but don't let that worry you.  Accessories will still be available to replace any pieces that might get misplaced (please note, we haven't lost any [knock wood] and the school year's almost over!).  If you want to know the difference between the original and the 2.0, check out my comparison post.  I think the original is still a great option, especially for preschoolers and elementary-aged kids. 

Don't forget to use my discount code - momsmagic - when you go shopping!

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