Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jury duty, twitter-style

6:30 am - Needs. Coffee. Zzzzzz.
8:04 am - News truck @ courthouse this am. Hmmmm  (ps, I am officially late according to twitter)
8:12 am - group convo abt American Idol in the jury waiting room. Double zzzz.
9:00 am - Chooses to swear rather than affirm the juror oath (and is surprised by how many choose not to swear on the Bible)
9:05 am - lady w hacking cough behind me. Would it be rude to offer cough drops?
10:07 am - The selection of magazines in the jury room is impressive. Instead, I'm reading a Kathy Reichs book. (think they'll want me if they see I'm reading a book about a serial killer?)
10:23 am - wish I had put my iPod in my bag...
11:14 am - Ok girl-sitting-in-front-of-me, undergarments are meant to stay under your clothing. You aren't even trying. ((averting eyes))
1:11 pm - Enjoying the overcast outdoors before heading back to the stuffy jury room.
1:51 pm - Cleaned out the inbox on my BlackBerry....
2:37 pm - still waiting. Hoping they don't seat a jury now, or folks might have to come back tomorrow. Bright side? Pay increased by $8 for 2nd day
3:11 pm - Just found out that we will be excused in about 5 minutes - woohoo! 

Thankfully, I got a nice, long lunch break that I shared with a good friend, my hubby, and my daughter.  And, I finished my book.

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Heather said...

Very funny! Glad to see it was a productive day.