Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I spent my Mother's Day doing what any mother wishes for - resting.  Literally.  We came home after church, had an easy lunch, and then I fell asleep watching Superman with Big J and Mister J (Miss M was napping).  Big J even took the kids out of the house for part of the afternoon so I could enjoy some quiet time of my own.  That evening we had dinner, put the kids to bed, watched a little TV, and I went to bed a little earlier than 'on time' - which I rarely see anymore, anyway. I know it may sound crazy, but it really was a wonderful, perfect-for-me day. 

My sweet kids had insisted that I open my gifts from them early.  I opened my gift from Mister J on Saturday - he insisted - a handprint flower he made at school.  I just love it - I am a sucker for handprint art!  I opened my gift from Miss M when she brought it home from school on Wednesday.  Inside the bag was a cute little basket - made from a strawberry basket with ribbons woven into it.  The tissue stuffed into it should have given it away, but when I said, "What a nice basket!" Miss M didn't tell me to keep going.  I should always know there's a little more to the story when Miss M is involved!

When we were at church on Mother's Day, I saw the mother of one of Miss M's classmates wearing a handmade lapel pin.  I thought, "Oh, I bet her little girl made that for her!" - and still didn't put two and two together.  On Monday, Miss M was playing with the basket and brought me the yellow tissue paper that had been stuffed inside.  There was a gift hidden inside the tissue - a handmade lapel pin very similar to the one worn on Sunday by the mother of Miss M's classmate!  At least it'll make for a cute story to share the next time the mom and I have a chance to visit!

My 'big' gift was something I did on Friday - I went to The Pioneer Woman's book signing!  It was fun to take a little road trip and meet up with grad school classmate S and her friend K for dinner, the book signing, and dessert!

My Mother's Day started on Wednesday and ended on Monday - I don't think a girl could ask to be celebrated any more!

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Heather said...

Sounds great. I love the half week celebration. You are a fantastic mom!