Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Cub Scout Meeting

He's growing up!

I can't tell you what a 'mommy moment' it was for me to see Mister J all dressed up in his Cub Scout uniform for his first meeting!  Totally makes the pricked fingers (from sewing on badges - a Girl Scout, I'm not!) worth it.  I didn't get misty-eyed, but it did take my breath away just a little bit.  I was a little annoyed that I forgot to bring my 'good' camera - but I guess this cell phone snap turned out okay.  Oh well, I'll try to get a better photo next week!

Mister J was so excited to come home after the meeting and show me what he learned - he was talking from the moment he walked through the door!  And then he showed me how to tie a square knot!  He was so proud - and so am I.


Jane Anne said...

He looks so handsome! If you don't like sewing them on, invest in some "Patch Attach". That stuff is nice to have! I usually sewed the patches on but there were a few times that I just couldn't get it all done. I think I got it at Wal-mart.

Shannon said...

He looks adorable! Glad he enjoyed his first meeting.

RLR said...

JA - Thanks for the tip!
Shannon - Thanks!