Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sink or Swim

Earlier this evening, I packed lunch for the 6th day of school.  Yes, sixth.  And as I was wondering what I'd pack, it already felt like I was losing my lunch inspiration.  On the 6th day.  Not good.  So I looked into my fridge, thought about what I'd had for lunch earlier in the day, and decided I'd go out on a limb.  I'm going to put in a few new-to-the-lunchbox things and see what happens. 

I haven't finished packing the lunches - I do sandwiches in the mornings - so look for photos later on tomorrow.  However, here's what my kids will be getting:

Turkey, apple and cheddar on sourdough
Banana yogurt (Stonyfield Farm Banilla - yum!)
Diced strawberries and kiwi topped with a kiwi star
Veggies with dip - cucumber spears, baby carrots, green beans.  Miss M also gets two grape tomatoes.  Italian dressing for Mister J, Thousand Island for Miss M.

Now, I know my kids like the yogurt, turkey, strawberries, carrots, and cukes, and Mister J likes cheddar cheese.  But the kiwi is one of those 'depends on the mood' foods - if they feel like eating it, they will; if not, they won't.  Luckily, it was a very tasty kiwi - I tasted it to be sure.  And mixed with the strawberries, it may have a better chance.  The green beans were left over from dinner.  I dried them off a bit, then cut them to fit nicely into the lunchbox.  We'll see how well they go over.  Miss M likes raw green beans, and will sneak them from the counter when I'm trying to prep them for dinner.  However, she has never eaten them packed into her lunch.  (I know, right?)  We'll see if these make the cut.  Mister J ate them at dinner, but again, I'm not sure how cold and leftover will fare.  They are still very pretty and green, so I'm hopeful.  Hmm...  anything else I'm wondering about?  Oh, yeah - that sandwich.  It's a great combo, but I'm just not sure what the kids will think.  Mister J loves to add chips to his sandwiches, so I'm hoping he'll go for the crunch of the apple.  Miss M usually deconstructs her sandwich, so I'm guessing there will be leftover cheese and crusts. 

I'll let you know how it works out!

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Jenna said...

Sounds like my family (including me)...
'I will only eat this food at this time' or 'I need something with crunch for my lunch'

Keep up the good fight :)