Saturday, September 18, 2010

Post Run Fun

I took the kids with me on my run this morning.  On our way to a local park - and during our warm-up - I talked with Mister J about running etiquette and explained the walk/run pattern that we would use.  Miss M was none to thrilled about riding in the jogging stroller until I let her know she'd be able to snack a bit during her ride.

We completed two laps (totaling one mile) in just a bit more time than it usually takes me.  I was pushing about 50+ pounds of kid and stroller (and the wheels weren't inflated quite enough), so I'm calling this quite an accomplishment!

After our run, we did stretching and core work (yes, I made Mister J do all of it, too!) while Miss M counted us down.  She seemed to have great fun being the 'coach'!  And after that was over, I let the kids have some fun on the playground.

Oh yes, one mile later and they were still going strong!  I think they're going to want to keep this up, and I can't complain - I enjoyed the company!

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