Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's Stats

Mostly for my own records, but read on if you are interested in what this 5K training program is all about.  

I was ache-y and stiff this morning - perhaps from having run last night, but it could have been from falling asleep in a chair watching tv last night, too.

On my own run - training plan indicates 1 mile run/walk with a 1:30/2:00 interval.

Starting with a run interval, 1 mile in 14:45, continued to 1.25 miles in 17:30. Not fast, but an improvement on my starting pace.

Post-run stretches using park's playground equipment to 'assist' with my solo version of partner stretches.  And - I'm really proud of this! - core work:

120 assorted crunches(30 each of 4 types)
20 (girly, half-) push ups - a personal record


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Katie said...

As someone who is the quintessential couch potato (sitting on it right now, actually) I think your stats are awesome. Great job!