Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

What a lovely day! Sunny (as you can see from Mister J's squinty eyes), not to hot, not too cold. A perfect day to celebrate! It was Miss M's first time (well, first since she was still a tiny baby) in "big church" and she was very well-behaved. Well, except for when she got too loud and we had to excuse ourselves. Oh, and except for when she launched a pencil over the edge of the balcony into the (ahem) full pews below. We managed to keep the giggling and snorting to a minimum, as did the folks seated nearby.

After church, we took a short drive over to see some of our family. My mom was here for the weekend, as well, so we had a nice (huge!) family celebration. BIG kudos to my cousin, A, who had special Easter treats for the kids, helped them dye Easter eggs (another first for my kids), and also helped with the Easter egg hunt.
Miss M still splashes just a bit too much, but my cousin A is extremely patient!
This was my attempt a an 'artsy' photo of the egg-dyeing fun.
Mister J initially declined to dye any eggs (there was another boy there who was just a bit older, and Mister J was enjoying the companionship. The other 6 children were ALL girls).
The Easter goodies from my cousin A, who was so thoughtful and careful about getting 'safe' treats for Miss M!
Miss M modeling one of her goodies from cousin A.
And, they're off! No children were harmed in the hunting of these eggs. Really. They might have gotten a little dirty, though.
Miss M got a little preoccupied with checking the contents of her eggs, and wasn't in much of a rush for the hunt. However, we encouraged her to keep looking and not open the eggs until we could check the contents for any unsafe candy.

Yes, I have two pictures of Miss M looking for eggs, and none of Mister J. He was always rather far away, and a bit too fast-moving for me to get good snapshots.

Hope you had an enjoyable Easter, were able to spend it with family and friends, and enjoyed a bit of time outside if the weather was nice!


Jane Anne said...

What wonderful Easter pictures! I love the first one, especially. I simply adore getting pictures made on Easter when everyone is dressed up. Here's our Family Easter Picture

Heather said...

What great photos! The kids look adorable and what a wonderful cousin A to make the day so special.

Susannah said...

What terrific fun!! Was it not a gorgeous day?? Hallelujah!