Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tiny item, BIG HELP

There's a lot of stuff in my mommy-van. Two car seats, random toys, a local map book (but why, now that my phone has GPS?!?), a half-roll of paper towels, a double-sized beach blanket, and more.... Why all that stuff??? Well, that's certainly a post for another (slow) day! However....

There is ONE tiny thing that makes a HUGE difference for me. I keep a baby emery board in the door handle of the driver's door (you know, the place you grab to pull it shut when you get in - mine is more of a 'cup' than a 'handle' I suppose. Anyway...). I am constantly chipping my nails, and - especially now that I have braces again - it helps me kick the bad habit of biting my nails to try and 'fix' them. I try to fill those small pockets of time (waiting at preschool pickup, waiting at a stop light, waiting at a drive-through...) with little tasks. Sometimes I make a phone call, sometimes I review my calendar/to do list/grocery list (not while I'm driving, of course!), sometimes I say a prayer, and sometimes I file my nails since I have an emery board handy!

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Sharon said...

I keep a little nail clipper in the back door handle (driver's side). My son hates to have his nails clipped, and the easiest time is when he falls asleep in the car. Now it's always handy. Sadly, a file would do me no good. I bite my nails, but I'm trying to stop.

Heather said...

Ohh I am all over that idea. I used to bite my nails up until 5 years ago when I decided to carry around nail files with me. It worked like a charm and now I have real nails!