Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank #6

I didn't write a Thursday Thanks last week. I was totally overwhelmed with a busy week, and to top it off, my husband was out of town. To say that last week was crazy was an understatement. So, for starters, I am thankful that my husband is home! (Yes, only a few days late, but still thankful since this week is rather busy, too!)
I'm thankful for the visits with family we had over the Easter weekend.
I'm thankful for a broken arm that was only a broken arm, though it could have turned out much worse (love you Memaw and Grandpa H!).
I'm thankful for my Circle friends at church, and the time we spent together this evening (I was feeling rather in need of some fellowship, and tonight's meeting was productive in so many ways).
I'm thankful that my Thursday plans have fallen through. I'm disappointed for sure, but I know that this is an opportunity to knock out a few more to-dos on what I anticipate to be a very busy day for my part-time job. (Meg, I'm still checking my calendar to see when we can reschedule!) Both kids will be in preschool, so I should have a very productive morning. In turn, that allows me to spend more time with them, completely focused on them. It should be a great afternoon!

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Jane Anne said...

It's wonderful when you can make the best of an unplanned change of plans! I hope your day has turned out wonderful. I enjoyed reading your list.