Sunday, April 12, 2009


The kids really enjoy a show called Word Girl on PBS Kids. And they love to play outside. Here's what happens when Word Girl and backyard fun collide....

Mister J is pretending to be "The Butcher" - a villain-type character who "butchers" words and shoots food (meat products, of course) from his hands.

Here's Miss M performing her interpretation of Word Girl. You're only missing the part where she yells, "Word Up!" to fly away on her next adventure.
Here's Mister J "looking smart" - this is his interpretation of Professor Two-Brains, I suppose.
And Miss M also "looking smart" - though I think she looks more bored than anything.

If you think those character names are silly, try these:
Captain Huggy Face
Chuck the Evil Sandwich Guy
Lady Redundant Woman (my favorite!)

And did I mention that Word Girl is from the planet Lexicon? Oh, go ahead and giggle. I sure did!

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