Friday, August 7, 2009

Flashback Friday #1

This week, thanks to seeing it over here, I'm joining a fun little blog meme over at More than Words.

A few months back, I started thinking about the photo that I'm sharing today. I was worried that we'd lost it. It's sort of old (you'll find out more in just a minute), and there have been several moves since it was taken. Big J found it - I never have asked where - and now it's on display in our home office. Since it's pretty special to us, I selected it to be my first to share.

Big J and I met during our first year of college. That was nearly 17 years ago. (I just made Big J feel old by reminding him that 17 years is half of my life.) This is the first photo that was ever taken of the two of us together, in the spring after we met. Want to see what we looked like back then?

We looked like babies. Thinner, blonder babies. I thought we looked young in our wedding photos, and then I saw this one. Even younger babies than in the wedding photos. Excuse me while I go lock my children up until they are thirty.....

Also, please excuse the oversized tee with the rolled up sleeves. Way back then, it really was cool. If you look closely, you can see some stone washed jeans (or maybe even acid washed) in the background.


Jane Anne said...

Oh, I LOVE seeing this picture! How fun to look back and smile at those rolled up sleeves.

clunis said...

wow. just wow. I don't think we've saved anything like this (though our photos would necessarily be of the same vintage). :)