Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hiatus: A Contest

No, I'm not going away again - so what does a hiatus have to do with a contest? Let me explain....

A few years ago, I made a New Year's Resolution to begin sending birthday and anniversary cards to all of our friends and family members for whom I had date of birth and/or anniversary and an up-to-date address. With the exception of one month a couple of years ago when it all just fell apart, I kept it every month - until this past June, when it all fell apart again. After a month off, it was easy to let my unplanned hiatus continue right on through the (hot, busy, and fun) summer. Conservatively, I kept up that resolution for the better part of 5.5 years. I'm trying to get this practice back into my routine, though, because has become so important to me.

Looking through my book of days, writing a brief note and signing cards, addressing them and adding a stamp.... This quiet time allowed me the chance to think about the many people who have come into my life. To be thankful for them and to stay connected, in a way, to all the parts of my life that make me who I am today. This practice also helped me to remember those whose birthdays are listed, but who are no longer with us. It was a reminder to me to celebrate them, too - not with a card, a note, and a stamp, but with a prayer of thankfulness of the time we had with them.

I'm ready to start again, but I need to streamline part of the process. I can't streamline looking through my book of days - I am not willing to lose that quiet time to reflect and be thankful. I can't streamline the note-writing and addressing - even though I blog and email and facebook, I still adore sending and receiving mail. But I can streamline my shopping time by creating custom postcards or custom greeting cards. I've found that I barely spend time picking out the 'perfect' card anymore, so I'd rather create my own 'perfect' message instead. And, I'm having a little contest so you can do the same.

Thanks to the generous folks at, two contest winners will receive 200 custom postcards!
  • choose your size: 4x6, 4.25x6, or 5x7"); 14pt gloss or matte, 13pt uncoated
  • full color on both sides (4/4)
The fine print: Valid for US shipping only, winner pays shipping (your coupon code will be sent directly to you via email).

To enter, leave a comment below, letting me know what you would do with 200 custom postcards. Invitations? Save the Dates? Birth announcements? Christmas cards? Promote your business? I've got birthday cards on my mind, but I'd love to get some inspiration and ideas from you!

Invite your family and friends to leave their ideas - who couldn't use a little inspiration? Just tell them to do it soon! Contest ends next Saturday, August 29th, at 10:00PM Eastern Time.


Jane Anne said...

This makes so much sense to me. I have been striving to do better with personal notes for special occassions. I am making an effort to avoid facebook wall birthday notes and send real cards.

Heather said...

First, I LOVE when you send cards. I'm terrible at it, but it gives me such joy when I (or Anna) gets one of your sweet cards in the mail. Thanks for always thinking of us. I'm going to think about what I would do with 200 cards and get back to you. :)

Marsha said...

After reading your post, I immediately knew what I'd do with the postcards! I'd mail them to all of our friends and family who have generously supported our efforts to raise money for the Foundation Fighting Blindess. Bradyn (my 7 year-old son) is losing his vision due to retinitis pigmentosa. . . the docs are SO CLOSE to a cure and we're racing to help them secure more funding for research. The sooner they find a cure, the more likely it is that Bradyn will be able to live a normal life and do simple things like look up and see the stars! We've had such great support from friends and family -- I would love to have a very personal way to say thank you! :)

Jessica said...

I think I'd make thank you notes. As a teacher, I am always getting random gifts (from gift cards to a few pieces of yarn put together to make a piece of "jewelry"). I always intend on sending a card, but never have any convenient.

Sarah said...

...what would i do with 200 cards?? Get them made up with the Charity Chicks logo and use them as thank you cards for donors and sponsors...certainly a good cause for a personal note!

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