Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Glad We Had Three Boxes

Miss M can pack away the popcorn. I had no idea how much she could eat and still not burst.

One of our local theatres has a schedule of summer kids' movies. For $3, you get a ticket, a drink, and a box of popcorn. The weather wasn't looking great this morning, so - in a last-minute change ofplans - we piled into the mommy-van and headed across town to the theatre. It was the first time either of the kids have seen a movie in a theatre, and they didn't even know what to imagine as I told them we were on the way to the movies.
Miss M picked out her own shoes today -
and she was pleased to go puddle-jumping in them!

I gave Mister J the money to purchase our tickets, and then we headed in to get our popcorn and drinks. I carried our snacks on a tray while Mister J grabbed a booster seat for Miss M. Once we started to get settled, Mister J decided he could use a booster, too. I highly recommend them, as they helped keep the folding seats from folding up on the kids.

We got there pretty early - which was nice since we didn't have to wait in a long line. However, it meant lots of "when's the movie gonna start?" and trying to convince the kids not to start in on the popcorn and drinks right away. I distracted them by taking some pictures - it was their first movie in the theatre, after all. Don't they look excited?

With about 30 minutes left in the movie, and after the kids had finished theirs, I went ahead and opened my box of popcorn. I gave 1/2 of it to Miss M, mostly to keep her from downing her drink and needing a potty break before the movie was over. I can't believe she ate a box and a half of popcorn. However, I heard not a peep from either of my kids - so I think the combination was a roaring success! We will definitely be doing this again - I'm putting the movie schedule in my planner today.


Jane Anne said...

I love movie popcorn, too. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Trisha said...

We just went to a 'free' movie this week. A theater here shows free kids' movies all summer. However, I spent $15 on popcorn and drinks!