Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Thanks #14

A short post this week, since I'm heading into a busy weekend. Why so busy? Check out my list below to learn more....

I'm thankful that I am able to participate in a summer Bible study (we're studying this). I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone in the group - there are many new faces.

I'm thankful that my kids had a great time at camp this week. They were in a 1/2 day camp at a local church, so I had some free time this week.

I'm thankful for the free time I had this week! I was able to get several things done in preparation for the weekend.

I'm thankful for my daughter, who will be three years old tomorrow! Her birthday party is on Saturday.

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Heather said...

Happy belated birthday Miss M! I can't believe she's three. No way-I think I need to see these kids before they grow up and go to college. Can't wait to hear about the party.