Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kids in the Kitchen

Mom, I'm Bored! edition

How will we beat summer boredom this season? When the kids are tired of the backyard, tired of coloring, tired of their toys, there's no playdate on the schedule, and for some reason we can't go to the pool (rain...), we'll be trying out new recipes!

I love to cook, and my kids love to help, so it's (messy) fun for all of us. Plus, with our garden and our co-op fruits and veggies, we've got lots to keep us busy!

Here are just a few things we've tried (including easy ice cream). We've also made popsicles from fresh fruit, which are great because I know what's in them and can adjust the amount of sugar needed (if any). The kids especially love to help with quesadillas and pizza.

Aside from enjoying the fruits of our labor, we also get to reinforce counting skills, taking turns, teamwork, and patience. Works for me!

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Anonymous said...

New recipes are a great idea for us when we have a slow week. We have a lot of day camps scheduled this summer, so my goal was to get the kids to learn how to cook a meal or two from the planning stage to the plating stage.

High hopes, but I think they both need to learn how to cook using something more than a microwave.

Jane Anne said...

I am going to plan some Kids in the Kitchen days this summer. I want to get my kids in the kitchen more often on a regular basis, too.