Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Little Vegetable Patch

Now you remember how much my kids like to garden, don't you? Well, we have outdone ourselves this year - so I hope it works!

Check out our vegetable and herb garden! (And ignore my pasty legs!)

Mister J and I did some research online, he built these awesome frames, and I did some plant shopping. The kids pitched in over the weekend when we were ready to plant it all. We have heirloom tomatoes, sunflowers (thanks, H!), cucumbers, squash, carrots, cilantro, chives, basil, thyme, and a mystery plant that we think is zucchini (only time will tell!). We also tried some bell pepper and cantaloupe seeds. We passed on watermelon, even though Mister J requested it, since we only have 24 square feet to work with (we are trying square foot gardening, by the way). It'll be several weeks before we have anything harvestable, which will be quite trying for Mister J. After a rain shower this afternoon, he walked over to our garden and was disappointed that the plants haven't grown noticeably in the past 3 days....

However it works out, it will be a learning experience for us all and perhaps a great supplement to the co-op we have joined. I'm already starting to wonder what we'll want to plant next summer!


The Book Lady Online said...

What a nice garden. We also square foot garden when we are in a house that we own. We are currently renting, so our garden is mostly in containers. Best of luck - I hope it all grows well and you enjoy lots of yummy homegrown veggies soon :o)

Heather said...

LOVE the garden! Yay to the sunflowers. I'll have to post some pics of our crazy tomato plant. I'm hoping next year we can do some gardening by the foot in our new yard. Thanks for the motivation!