Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best. Mother's Day. Ever

Yes, it's the Tuesday after Mother's Day. Yes, I'm just getting around to telling you about the weekend. But the Mother's Day celebration didn't end on Sunday. I'll tell you abut that, too.

So, how did I spend my weekend? Helping Big J and Grandpa R on Project Re-New the Back Porch 2009. My back porch has been pressure washed and re-screened, and the porch furniture has been cleaned. It was a three-person, 2 ladder project, and I am excited to say that I'm spending the 2nd afternoon in a row on the porch while the kids are having 'quiet' time. It's like having an extra, very clean room in the house. The lovely weather this afternoon - sunny, 70s, light breeze - makes it even more enjoyable.

As I mentioned, the celebration didn't end when the pressure washer was put away. Today was the Mother's Day Tea at preschool, hosted by the four-year-old classes. The tables were decorated with pink tablecloths, vases of pipe cleaner "flowers", place cards for each mom, and a flower pin made by each child for his/her mom. When the children came in, they sang four sweet songs before they joined us at our tables for refreshments and gave us gift bags with special goodies they made themselves (a book about moms, a photo magnet, and a list of questions that each child answered about their mom - by the way, I weigh 600 pounds, but it's ok since I'm 1000 feet tall!). It was such a sweet and special treat, and of course I took several photos. My favorite one, though, is this one (even though you can't see the flower pin that Mister J made for me):
Mister J was so excited for today! He's worked very hard to keep the special songs a secret, and only sang one of them to me before the Tea. He didn't tell me about the gifts at all, so that was an extra-special surprise. Thanks to all of the teachers for making this such a special morning!

Updated: Can't believe I left this part out! When we were in line for refreshments, Mister J turned to me and said, "Mom, I think this is the best Mother's Day ever!" :)


A Daughter of Christ said...

How sweet! I swear those teachers do such a great job with the crafts. So cute. Good job J. And you're one heck of a mom RLR!

Heather said...

How sweet! I swear those teachers do a heck of a job with the crafts. So sweet. Good job J. And you're one heck of a mom RLR!