Saturday, May 30, 2009

It Was Just Her Imagination

(with apologies to The Temptations....)

Miss M has been doing a lot of pretend play lately - most often pretending that she's a cat. We were out on the porch this evening and she was crawling around meowing. I asked her to climb into my lap and she snuggled in while I rubbed her back. During her bathtime tonight, she told me she needed to wash her paws. As she crawled into bed, I handed her one of her favorite stuffies, Kittycat.

"That's not Kitty cat, that's Miss M," she told me.

Oooooh, okay. I get it. I can play along.

"Time for prayers," I said, half expecting her to start meowing. She didn't, but I still said, "Night, night, Kittycat," as I tucked her in.

We've always joked that she's a drama queen. Tonight, she was playing the part for the long haul! I wonder if they let kitty cats go to Sunday school....

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