Friday, May 29, 2009

Poolside Snacks

I packed the kids' LLBs intending for them to be snacks while we were at the pool today. We got delayed by a pop-up shower this afternoon, so the snack turned into a light dinner instead.

Each of the boxes contained:
Half of an apple, cored and cut into slices
About 2 1/2 strawberries, hulled and cut into pieces
Half of a navel orange, peeled, sectioned, and cut into smaller pieces
Pita wedges filled with hummus - equivalent to about half of a pita with 1T hummus
Seasoned oyster crackers - enough to fill in the space around the pita wedges
Carrot sticks with hummus (an additional 1T) for dipping

I cut things up a lot more than I would have if we were eating at home - for a couple of reasons.
1) Less messy for the kids - especially with the oranges
2) The LLBs hold a lot, but some foods fit into the inner containers better if you cut them into bite-sized pieces (oranges - because the sections were large, pita, apple).
3) I was trying to fit enough in the LLBs that I could snack, too. As it turned out, I actually packed quite a lot of food!

Have I mentioned that I've ordered two more LLBs? Now that we've had some experience with them, I want to be able to pack my own lunch and snacks for the pool, picnics, and the rest of our summer adventures. And, we want Big J to come along (and have his own lunch!) whenever he can. And, I'll be packing two lunches when school begins in the fall, so I'm sure having the extra containers will be helpful.

(Yes, I post a lot about our Laptop Lunch boxes. No, they aren't paying me to do it. It's just good, old-fashioned, spreading the word because I like the product. Just wanted you to know.)


Heather said...

You can never post too much about the LLB. I love reading about them and will have to invest in one (or two) of my own come school time for Anna. Great ideas!

Trisha said...

I agree. I love seeing what you fill them with... you've got me interested in ordering some!