Friday, May 15, 2009


We had a whirlwind trip to Grandma RL's to see Aunt L's graduation Thursday evening, and also got to visit with Grandpa H and MeMaw. Want to see some pictures? C'mon, you know you do! (Blogger is acting up and rotating pics that don't need it, so I'm only putting out the ones that play nice.)

We were rather far away from the stage during graduation, so no pics of that (sorry, L!). Miss M fell asleep during the processional and slept for most of the ceremony. Mister J was very well-behaved, thanks to some Cheez-Its and a coloring book that Grandma brought. Mister J looked through the entire book, coloring pages and working puzzles here and there. Then, he found the answer key in the back of the book. Here he is using the answer key to unscramble the word motorcycle.

After the ceremony, we met at a local restaurant to celebrate. Mister J and Miss M enjoyed playing in the kids' area.

They were plenty spoiled that night, since they were showered with quarters on this particular occasion. Perhaps the adults who were providing the steady stream of coins were enjoying watching the kids have so much fun! They took turns, with each other and with two other kids, driving the car. They also enjoyed a 'virtual' roller coaster ride - check out Mister J whooping it up! There were many other toys as well - which they cleaned up after dinner with only a little bit of adult help.

Miss M and Grandpa H playing a little game before we all said our goodbyes. The kids were exceptionally well-behaved this evening, especially considering the late hour. We finally crawled in bed at midnight!

On the way home today - I told you it was a whirlwind visit! - we took a little stop off the beaten path for a late lunch and some time to stretch our legs. I packed the kids' lunches before we left Grandma RL's.

They had soybutter sandwiches, cantaloupe and grapes, cucumber slices, and hummus. Miss M also had tomatoes, which Mister J doesn't care for.

After lunch, they stretched their legs checking out this covered bridge from end to end.
(This is my favorite picture from the park)

We also enjoyed watching this little guy
and a butterfly that I couldn't get a good picture of - but we did get close enough to see its beautiful blue and black wings.

We walked the paths and footbridges in the little park, and also got a little adventurous.

There were steps leading down to the rocks in the creek, so certainly they were meant to be crossed! Mister J was speedy and sure-footed today, and Miss M wanted her own chance to be free of Mom's grasp. She got it on our second crossing, once she was safe on a very large, very flat rock. I let go long enough to satisfy her and to snap a photo, then we made our way back to the steps together. Meanwhile, Mister J was making his was across for a third time, completely on his own.

After a late night last night, a 4am wake-up call when somebody fell out of bed, some afternoon rock-hopping, and no naps on the way home, the kids were exhausted. They were asleep before 6 o'clock.

They barely woke when I carried them up to bed, but I think I should probably expect an early wake-up call Saturday morning!


Heather said...

Talk about fun! Congrats to L on graduating and to the kids on such a successful/well-behaved trip. They are growing up so fast!

Jane Anne said...

Sounds like it was a fantastic trip! Your kids are so cute all wiped out like that. I hope the rest of your weekend went well.