Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thanks #9

Now that we are in the final countdown until summer, I think it's most appropriate today to thank our preschool teachers for everything they have done this year.

Most of the moms I know - myself included - love preschool for the kid-free time we get a couple of days each week. Kid-free time during daylight hours. Kid-free time during time during daylight hours that we spend running errands with only our purse/keys/cell phone to keep track of - things that don't usually wander off alone while we ponder the merits of two different dishwashing detergents. Or maybe we just meet up for coffee with friends. Coffee with friends that is not interrupted by someone that wants another milk/juice/cookie or that dropped a crayon. But that's certainly not what preschool is all about, and these are the least of the reasons for which I am thankful.

Today I want to tell you what I truly appreciate about my kids' preschool teachers. This is by no means an exhaustive list - mainly because I'm so exhausted already, and summer's not even here.

I am thankful for our preschool teachers because:
  • They take a personal interest in our children, worry about our children, pray for our children, and pray for us when we have challenges as parents
  • They are teaching our children lessons and Scripture from the Bible, as well as the lessons that they need to be successful in school. We also have a great music teacher who loves the children, and who the children look forward to seeing each week!
  • They really know our children - their likes/dislikes, their health issues, and other very child-specific details
  • They have the patience to do to love a job that exhausted me after one day of substitute teaching
  • They don't hesitate to call when they have questions or concerns, or to take time out to meet with me when needed
  • They make special days really special - like the Christmas and Spring Music Programs, 100th Day Party, Mother's Day Tea and yesterday's graduation
  • They encourage our children to reach beyond their limits and celebrate their successes
  • They never fail to comfort our children with a hug, whether it's needed for separation anxiety, a boo-boo, or some other source of disappointment
  • They never fail to comfort me with a hug - because certainly we moms need comforting sometimes, too!

Our preschool also has two wonderful administrators who keep things running smoothly. They wear so many different hats - including many of the above! My gratitude extends to each of them as well for the work they do for the children, the parents, and the teachers!

As this year comes to a close - the last year Mister J and Miss M will be at our preschool - I'm reminded of just how important these people have been in our lives over the past two years. Although I'm looking forward to enrolling them in our new school - and continuing to have them in the same school - it has been very bittersweet for me to think about them leaving preschool at the same time. Too many milestones for this mama, but I know we I will make it through!


Heather said...

I just wrote a thank you note to Anna's daycare ladies. She's moving up to the toddler room at the end of the month and I'm sad to leave them. They are terrific!

Jane Anne said...

This is fantastic! How blessed we are to have such amazing people taking care of our children. We have another week of preschool left here. I don't know how to express to the teachers just how much I appreciate what they have done this year (keeping David safe, making him feel special, teaching him about the Bible, and on and on).

Pam said...

What a great list! You mentioned several things that blessed me when my children were that age as well. How very fortunate we all are to have people who will invest in our preschool children and help lay a strong foundation for the future.

Thanks for joining in Thursday Thanks Tank. Mine is up as well.