Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy To Do Chores

I've tried to become a lot more conscious of how I spend money (thanks, Dave!), focusing on needs and really examining the wants. A few weeks back, though, I was browsing through the dollar store - really, how much trouble can you get into at the dollar store?!? I was looking for a basket that would work in my bathroom cabinet, but ended up finding something else that I liked. That I couldn't not buy. Suddenly, my original purpose wasn't important anymore, and I needed the something else that I found.

I'm glad I let my impulse take over - this time.

I found child-sized laundry baskets, and picked out one for each of my kids. When I fold our clean laundry, I put Miss M's items into one basket, Mister J's into the other basket. And then I tell them to come and pick up their baskets and put them away. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Before they had baskets, getting them to carry a pile of laundry and put it away was like pulling teeth. Mister J would complain about dropping things, and Miss M would ignore my request completely. The baskets make it easier for them to carry everything, but also fun and special.
Mister J's basket matches his quilt.
She's putting that away all by herself. I had to hurry to get these pictures!
She's proud of that empty basket!

And after they put away their laundry? They bring the baskets back to the laundry room.

So... about that $2 impulse buy? This time, it works for me!

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Lucy and Ethel said...

Yea, $1 baskets!

I just found your blog through the Jonah support blog and noticed the Noah button. My blogging partner and I have mentioned Noah in ours, but we don't have a button and would love to add one to our sidebar. Would you mind if we used the one you have? We'll be happy to mention your site as the source!

That's assuming, of course, we can figure out what to do :)



Heather said...

LOVE IT! I'm so going to remember this for Miss Anna. Good thinking!

{ L } said...

Ohhh!! I just LOVE this idea! My favorite WFMW post this week. :D I am going to Target asap to buy mini laundry baskets. Thank you!

Melissa said...

Yay! Great find!