Thursday, June 4, 2009

No umbrella....

It's that time of year for afternoon pop-up thunder showers. We got into the grocery store just in time. The bottom fell out just as we were picking out our grocery cart. Miss M prefers the kid-sized ones, but they don't have them at this store. Instead, she chose one of those two-level, just-a-small-purchase-today carts. She helped push while I helped avoid a crash. We meandered through the produce department, picked up a little something for dinner, and headed to the front to check out. It was still raining as we left. I sat in one of the adirondack chairs out front while we waited for the rain to let up. She found a puddle. She splashed. She walked in and out of it to make footprints. She got her sandals very wet. She loved every moment of it. Then we decided to brave the showers after all. The rain had slowed a bit, but we still caught our fair share of raindrops on the way out to the mommy-van. We didn't melt. All is well.

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