Monday, July 19, 2010

Daisy, Daisy

There are some new Laptop Lunches bento kits coming out this week.  They'll be available on Friday.  Here's a sneak peek at ... Daisy!

I love the colors here!  I'll go ahead and admit - just between you and me - that we have several Laptop Lunch boxes.  I like to switch around the inner containers - reds in the blue outer container for patriotic holidays, brightly colored inner containers inside the black outer container for a pop of color as seen here, red and green inner containers at Christmas, all-red or all-pink inside for Valentine's Day, and other fun mix-and-matching.  It's just a small way to turn lunch into a celebration - and my kids notice!

To take a closer look at this bento, or any of the other new designs, go to  Remember to use the code momsmagic for a 10% discount on any purchases.

Update: click on these links to see all of the other bento kits revealed this week
Tire Plaid - a fun red-and-black combo
Stripes - pretty shades of blue
Primary -  a classic combination
Confetti - a party in every bento

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