Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rev Up Your Lunch!

Rev up your lunch with this new bento kit - Tire Plaid.  This is the second of the new Laptop Lunches designs being revealed this week.  (Looking for something more feminine?  Check out yesterday's reveal, Daisy!)

To take a closer look at this one, or any of the other new designs, go to www.laptoplunches.com on Friday.  Remember to use the code momsmagic for a 10% discount on any purchases.

If you're a new reader and wondering why I'm such a fan, you can read my "lunches" posts for the scoop.   You'll see quite a few of the lunches I've packed, but there are also posts why I like these lunchboxes so much - creating waste-free lunches and saving money are tops!

Update: click on these links to see all of the other bento kits revealed this week
Daisy - sweet flowers with a pop of lunchtime color
Stripes - pretty shades of blue
Primary -  a classic combination
Confetti - a party in every bento

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