Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sometimes It's the Classics...

It's time for Thursday's bento kit reveal - and to me, it's a classic!

One of the first bento kits that I purchased was an original bento in primary colors.  I selected it over a solid- or two-colored bento kit because it just looked like fun..  The 'primary' user was my little boy, so we opted for a colorful bento system that included a blue insulated case.  What you see here is the updated version - the 2.0 - including a thoughtfully redesigned case!

There have been three other reveals this week - Daisy, Tire Plaid, and Stripes.  All of the new bento kits will be available tomorrow at  Remember to use the code momsmagic for a 10% discount on any purchases.

If you're new to bentos, read some of my "lunches" posts to learn why I'm a fan!

Update: click on these links to see all of the other bento kits revealed this week
Daisy - sweet flowers with a pop of lunchtime color
Tire Plaid - a fun red-and-black combo
Stripes - pretty shades of blue
Confetti - a party in every bento

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