Friday, July 16, 2010


So, it occurred to me that I never told you about everything we did during our Very Busy Weekend.  I wrote a post about Miss M's birthday.  I taught you how to ship a motorcycle cross-country.  But I didn't tell you that our washing machine broke, and that we decided to replace our nearly-12-year-old washer/dryer pair on Sunday afternoon.  We ordered a new set that would arrive on Monday (yes, the very next day!) and on the way home, decided to head on over to Lowe's and buy some paint. Here's what happened after we got home (and shipped a motorcycle, and put the kids to bed)....

Took down switch and outlet covers, removed shelving, and taped off cabinetry, moulding, window frame, and shelving hardware.  Cut in corners, ceiling, and around moulding (my favorite part of the job).

Rolled walls (Big J's specialty).

Admire re-freshed laundry room.  Marvel at the fact that two people, working in a small space around a washer and dryer, in the late night and wee hours of the morning, didn't paint anything that wasn't meant to be painted - including the floor or each other.
The kids woke up Monday morning to the surprise of a freshly-painted laundry room.  They knew it was being repainted, and had seen the color, but we did all of the painting after they'd gone to sleep. 

And that afternoon, we all got to ooh and aah over the new washer and dryer. 

I still can't believe we repainted a room with about a half-second of time spent decision-making.  It took us longer to pick out the paint color!  (Valspar Brisk Olive, by the way)

After the washer and dryer we in, we decided not to re-hang the shelving (brackets are to the right in the top photo), so we are on the hunt for a narrow table (perhaps a re-purposed sofa table) to use for folding.  Yes - we painted around the hardware, then decided not to re-hang the shelving.  There are no photos of the spackling, sanding, and repainting of those two walls.  I'm also hoping to find a window treatment to dress up the space (after I re-hang the blinds). 

I love the update, and I'm so glad with our decision to eliminate the shelving.  It'll feel less like a closet in there, and more like a real room.  I'm so happy with the results that I'm already thinking about two other projects I'd like to take on - a guest/toy room makeover, and a master bedroom makeover!  I hope to complete at least one of these by the end of the year.


Heather said...

Love the color! I need to show some pics of our new playroom as P did a great job painting. Today I hinted that the laundry room would look great in the same yellow color. :)

Heather {Desperately Seeking} said...

i love it! i love the color... and the washer and dryer... and wish i had a LAUNDRY room... (not complaining at all... the house is GREAT...except, I have to go into the nasty basement/garage to do laundry... next to the oil furnace...)

Mama Laundry said...

OH MY WORD that is gorgeous!!!

Love the color, love the lack of shelving, and LOVE the new front-loaders!

Beautiful job! So proud of you!


Cherish said...

Looks awesome!