Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We had an eventful weekend, and knew the week would start off pretty busy, as well.  Big J had arranged to ship the motorcycle out to Uncle J (yes, there are a lot of J's and R's in our family!), which was scheduled for the start of the week.  On Sunday afternoon we got a call - the truck was in town a day early, so our weekend got a little busier!  We were planning to be around the house for another project anyway, so when the driver asked if he could pick up the motorcycle on Sunday we said that it would be fine. 

"How does one ship a motorcyle?" you ask.  Or perhaps, "Why would one ship a motorcycle?"  Well, Uncle J lives quite a ways from where we live - it would be a long trip!  So there's the price of gas, plus the price of hotels along the way.  It's actually cheaper to ship the bike.  So, back to that first question...

First step - call a company that specializes in shipping motorcycles and wait for the big truck to get here.  (In the meantime, clean bike and wonder how you are going to ship the rest  of the stuff - helmets, jacket, gloves, etc.)  Jump for joy on the day said big truck arrives, and walk down to the corner with the kids to watch the entire process. 
Next: step - Even though you know it won't work, try as hard as you can to keep your 6 1/2 year old out from underfoot so the driver of said big truck can do his job.  Say a quick prayer of thanksgiving when you find out that he, too, has a child about this age so he gets it - and lets your 6 1/2 year old help lower the lift on the big truck.

And then - After signing some papers, watch driver load motorcycle into trailer (that can hold up to 55 motorcycles!). 

Finally - Watch as driver closes up trailer and drives away. 

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Jane Anne said...

Oh, it is so much fun for kids to watch things like that! And, super cool that the driver was kid friendly.