Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Kiddos

Usually when mom mom (Grandma RL) comes to visit, she takes turns sleeping in the kids' rooms - and whoever has her as a guest sleeps on the floor in the same room.  If I get it wrong, they let me know whose rooms she's supposed to be staying in.  (I know that wasn't proper grammar - so just ignore it.  It's late.)  There have been tears over it - so thank goodness my mom usually remembers whose turn it is.

A few weekends back, there weren't tears, but there was some poutiness - which was resolved by having both kids sleep on the floor in the same room with Grandma.  When she came back last weekend, she swapped rooms as usual - and both kids stayed on the floor in there.  And they even went to sleep relatively quickly and quietly!

And since she left on Sunday?  The kids are still in the same room.  They are taking turns with who sleeps in the bed and who sleeps on the floor - without argument.  They were disappointed that they couldn't both sleep on the floor - but I did draw the line there.  It's been much easier to get them to go to sleep without (much) silliness when they are separated at least a little bit.  Mister J has been reading the bedtime story to Miss M, then turning off the light and getting into bed.  They still like a bit of a tuck and a kiss from Mom - and I'm not complaining.   

I know this won't last forever, but have to admit that I think it's sweet.  I am so happy that they love each other so much!  And sure, they may just like it because it's different and I let some things slide during the summer - but I also know that this is the stuff of memories.  And I hope that they'll treasure this memory as much as I will.

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The Smittys said...

so sweet! and i like the new bloggy look! again!